911 Engine/Transmission Jack Adapter

August 1, 2009
With this Engine/Transmission Removal Jack Adapter one person can quickly and safely remove or install the engine and transmission assembly in a Porsche 911. If you ever tried to remove a 911 engine balanced on some boards on top of a floor jack, while trying to keep it all from falling off onto the floor, you had to say to yourself there must be a better way. The top of the adapter cradles the sump plate as well as the large rectangular boss at the rear of the motor, keeping the motor from shifting side to side, or front to back. This plate pivots on the base, and by means of a adjustment bolt, the engine and transmission can be tilted to line everything back up during installation. The base has a 1-3/16" diameter pin which sets in place of the cup on most floor jacks 2-1/4 ton and larger. The bottom of the tray is lined in rubber to protect the soft engine case. This tool works on all 911 and 930 engines with the removable sump plate up to 1983.
Availible for hire Contact John  advtracing@gmail.com


Workshop manuals

August 1, 2009
We have a number of  original Workshop manuals were members can request copies of sections or diagrams 

Porsche Workshop manual Model 911 66-67  v1 and 2  Contact  Alan Via email  alan@amex-tee.co.nz

Porsche Workshop Manual Model 911 65-72  v1 and 2  Contact John via email  advtracing@gmail.com

Porsche  Spare Parts Catalog  911 66 - 68 Contact John via email advtracing@gmail.com

Porsche  Spare Parts Catalog  911  71  Contact John via email

Porsche Spare parts Catalog 912 65-...
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Body Rotisserie- For Hire

May 20, 2009
I have a body rotisserie availible for hire on a max 3 month basis. Currently being set up for lwb pre 74 911's and should suit swb with very little change.
Max hire period 3 months . security deposit required ($500) cost $100 per month , pick up only Auckland .

Ideal for restoration projects , panelbeating, sand blasting of chassis etc... 

Contact me on advtracing@gmail.com to book 
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