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Stuart Ashby is the owner and operator of Aero Automotive. He provides more than 17 years of automotive expertise to his customers.

Stuart started his career in the early 90’s as an apprentice with Continental Car Services. There he learned the skills of the trade on a large variety of European, Japanese and American vehicles. Becoming qualified as an Advanced Automotive Engineer in 1995, he specialised on Porsches and continued further training at Porsche Cars Australia’s training facility in Melbourne.

A strong involvement in circuit racing and rallying lead to Stuart moving overseas in 1999. Based out of the UK and USA he was involved in many successful Rally and race teams including WRC, PWRC, British Touring Cars, 24hour sports-car racing, Historic Rallying with 911’s, USA, British and African Rally Championships.
Stuart Ashby
Aero Automotive Ltd
2/9 Brigade Road
Airport Oaks / Auckland

Tel: 09 275 9191
Fax: 09 275 9198

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