Porsche classic parts

October 7, 2010

Porsche classic are currently reproducing parts for classic porsche cars . check this link for updates as they come along http://www.porsche.com/international/accessoriesandservice/classic/genuineparts/     and contact  Stephen Cripps as a contact in Porsche parts dept of Giltraps . He can supply prices and supply details. Remember to ask for a discount!!


August 8, 2010

Chater's book store is a large online store in the UK and the trick with them is keep an eye on the website for there specials!! Great deals come up and subject to the amount you spend it will cost you either 10-15% of the total value spent for shipping!! So buying from the UK can be alot cheaper than amazon.Example i brought a special for $10pounds and it was only 1.50pounds to ship 


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Motorstars supercar factory tours

August 8, 2010

 Earlier this year i did a tour with motorstars to see and get into Lamborghini , Ferrari and Pagani museums and factory's.
 I can highly recommend this company and you will find them great to deal with and easy to get around . They have the only access allowed in see Lamborghini family's private museum , the Lamborghini factory production line and pagani showroom and factory. 
Let them know you are part of the early911nz group and he will look after you.
Email -  info@motorstars.org...
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July 26, 2010

 Run by a longtime Porsche owner ( original owner 912 ) he has a wealth of info online and able to supply books / posters and find books you may want. 
Mention the  group for deals 
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February 6, 2010
At some time you may need a tow truck to rescue your baby , i can totally recommend you contact troy from central towing if in the greater Auckland area.
Troy does all the high end towing for giltraps and has a lay flay deck to get you low riding car up . He is a true porsche nut and goes out of his way to look after you car , he loves them!!!

 27 Normanby Road
Mount Eden 1024, Auckland
(09) 820 0910 anytime ( will link to his cell phone )


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November 8, 2009

i have just become an agent for the product in Auckland. WHY? because this is something Porsche people need !! with all the magnesium / aluminum / AU10 metal in our cars .
Have a look at these links for info or feel free to have a chat with me direct :
and http://www.mikesautobody.co.nz/

I have used it on both my restorations so far and also on the 915 gearbox .
Normal retail is $35 pe...

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Aero Automotive

November 2, 2009


Stuart Ashby is the owner and operator of Aero Automotive. He provides more than 17 years of automotive expertise to his customers.

Stuart started his career in the early 90’s as an apprentice with Continental Car Services. There he learned the skills of the trade on a large variety of European, Japanese and American vehicles. Becoming qualified as an Advanced Automotive Engineer in 1995, he specialised on Porsches and continued further training at Porsche Cars Australia’s ...

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TRE Motorsport

June 26, 2009

After the right advice to build your RSR / ST reproduction ? after quality ST / RSR part and more? Give TRE Motorsport a call.
I have been dealing with David at TRE for a while now and his company is supplying a number of body / engine parts for my ST build . Great guys , Great prices and the knowledge to help Build the ultimate Car. Remember to mention the group for hot product prices

TRE Motorsports Inc
15854 Strathern  St
Van Nuys, Ca 91406
818 909-9220
Fax 818 909 9319
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Carl priestly – Panel beater /Restorer

June 26, 2009

Need a panel man for your Porsche work? Carls your man .

Carl is currently working on my 911ST and has done a number of cars for members inc  Paul Higgins RS,  Working from his home his prices are far below that of other Resto. Companies and his work speaks for it’s self. Tell him your with the group and he'll look after you

Contact Carl on 0212508474 or Email   priestlyc@hotmail.com

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RSR Classics

May 17, 2009

RSR Classics based in Sydney is the Australian and New Zealand agent for RENNLINE, RENNSHIFT Performance Shifters, and Braid Fuchs Replica's.
I have arranged a group deal on parts purchused by members . So contact Craig via email  craig@rsrclassics.com or click on the banner for his website and use the code ; 911renn in your email for discounts on parts / shipping.
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