May run 2010


Sunday Run - 22nd - Hamilton

Great run to jamilton today , pity about the weather which may have put a few off but still worth getting down and seeing John Lee's great car and his amazing collection of porsche literature and Andrews surprise a 911E that was a rally car in New Zealand campaigned by Neil Allport!! a rare car so lets see if it goes back to the rally spec.


Sunday Run 18th - Merc gullwing  

Well i missed this run (damm work) but the details as follows from Gary,

"The Gullwing and Roadster restos were quite amazing. HUGE $$$$ - at a guess ... $2M just for the Gullwing. e.g the Mahle pistons alone cost 925 Euro each, then the cylinders had to be bored out to fit them. Incredible story too - was Sterling Moss' factory supplied personal car for a short time. Garry gave a 45 min presentation / explanation of the car's history and work so far.
Engine is now complete, body is about 80% complete. Only about 2/3 car still "original", the whole front clip from the doors forward and bonnet was hand beaten over a wooden buck in Germany and shipped to NZ. Car had serious accident damage and corrosion prior to resto. Very little welding being used - majority of metal is joined using "bonding paste" - stronger than welding, no distortion. Most of space frame was remade - lots of cheap and nasty work done prior, steel welded to chrome-moly, wrong lengths / geometry. Garry has extended an invitation for us to visit the resto again and also his garage in Parnell when it suits.

As for the Roadster (he's got two) - when bought it was "toast" - almost the whole shell is being hand made from scratch in a shed at the back of a farm in Matangi (just out of Hamilton). Unbelievable workmanship! Many of the intricate curves and details were formed with a hammer and a bean bag!!!

Weather started off fine - rained just before we departed BP Drury. Once we left Auckland - fine until Ngaruwahia, where Richard from Tauranga joined us. Intermittent rain to Pirongia.  John Lee and Andrew joined us there. Fine after we left the Lloyd's and the Gullwing. Very nice in Hamilton, but progressively worse as we neared AKL on the return drive. "

So we look forward to seeing this again and other Merc's under work !!


First offical early911nz get together

Fantastic run today it was great to get 11 people along with there cars ( inc one from Tauranga !!!! what an effort )  casual drive to Helensville for lunch and on to the Maserati collection. Now that was something else!!!!. Many thanks to Alan for the tee shirts look out for more listed on the site soon .

So i have loaded up the photos of the run and we look forward to meeting more of you next run..


Garage Crawl 19th July

Early 911 Nz with The Mid Month Classic drivers

Thanks to all the 14 Sunday Drivers for gettting together and making it such a great day - that phone call to the Weather Gods obviously worked too! 
Look forward to seeing the 911 ST progress - we'll check back on that one.
Thanks to Robin for the drive course.
And a BIG thanks to Gavin, Myles and Justin for their tremendous hospitality - please pass on our thanks Justin.

Here's some photos of the day you think that a porsche can run a rolls royce v12?


I have just been over to see David at Classic Road and Track in Melbourne , here are some photos of his fantastic ST rep.