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Model – 1972 911T                                                                    Engine – 2.4 ltr to become 2.5ltr                                                  Original colour – Albert blue    Current colour – To be as per photo                                                                                       Country of origin – Munch , Germany                           Opitions- full “S” package when new                                Status - restoration                                                                     Back ground story- I purchased the car in 2008 in Auckland from an owner who had it stored for awhile. The car was a runner but had an SC conversion and was pretty bad on rust when stripped.Due to this we made the call to do a le mans replica following the 1972 yellow Kremer car. Full details on this are in the restoration section.

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 Model - 911 Targa 1971                                                 Engine- 2.7 barrels and heads on 2.2 original case/crank                        Colour - Metallic Navy      Original Colour - Navy       Country of Origin- France                                            Options - Optional sunburnt head… targa roof.

Modifications - 2.7 kit to original motor. 45mm IDA Webers. Holley fuel pump through PMO reg. Mid-seventies hi-back seats. Koni S shocks (soon), RS style front bumper. Custom rear bumper R style.

Status - Road going SOB.

Background Story - Once, in a place far far away called Greenhithe, sitting in a warm dry little garage, there was a little woe begotten Porker. This little Porker was a willing wee thing, but her two previous owners were prize dickheads who knew nothing of good Porker responsibilities, and thought that putting big fat 11” wide RSR style 3 pce Fuchs trotters on the back and jacking up the rear haunches to counter the consequent destruction of the wheel arch lips was cool. One of them even thought that putting huge IDA (competition only type) Webers on would make it go faster. The little Porker just overfueled to heck , and sputtered and ran like a bag of assholes at a Labour Party conference. One day the by-this-time-desperate owner advertised it on TradeMe and everyone got excited that such a lovely beastie was available. Porkie got deal after deal after deal that fell through. Porkies future New Daddy even got outbid on the driveway when he went to actually buy it. But this was in the darkest days of the Cullen fuelled International Monetary Collapse. Money promised was not money presented. Porkers keeper became frantic, and rang it’s soon to be New Daddy and said “how much ya got?” Well, a deal was struck, and gold ducats were presented.Now… a problem existed. New Porkie Daddy wasn’t too worried about the motor not running right, or the carbs not float balancing or the manked wheel arches or the rusty front cross assembly and doors,  or the slack linkages or the knackered clutch or the woeful brake and suspension setup or the odd wheels or the Hawarira patent clutch lever assembly. Oh no, these were all to be fixed.

Mere bagatelles in fact!

Ohhhh no; the real problem was …. WIFEY. You see, New Porkie Daddy has a wonderful she-wolf partner. A veritable Warrior Princess, tall, fast and agile and very strong. Like Xena but much much more dangerous when annoyed. And yet another classic car turning up was about as annoying as anything could be.

Well, annoying to her anyways, but who’s to know eh?


Lil Porkie was surreptitiously slithered up to Dave Taylors workshop while New Porkie Daddy figured out how to “break the news” without actually being “broken” himself. New Porkie Daddy thought a wee jaunt to Thailand would be wonderful where on some romantic beach in the heaven that is the paradise of Koh Tao, floating like a feather in the limpid Gulf of Thailand, lit by bamboos oil lanterns and the glow of ever lasting love, somehow the conversation could fall upon the subject of beautiful old classic Porsches and the great philosophical and economic mores of their ownership and restoration.He had the motive. He had the patter worked out. He had the rationale and the counter points. But Thailand was heaven and the hell it would become was simply not worth contemplating. The Bali bombings had just occurred, and Thailand didn’t need a repeat. Nothing was said.New Porkie Daddy flew back knowing this might be the last week of his life. Alas twas not to be, as bodywork repairs to the wheel arches beckoned. By magic Lil Porkie transcended the distance from Daves Whangaparoa Cave to the Den of Motorbody Magic that is Professional Autobodies in Henderson. There the most wicked elves performed the most wicked wheel arch reconstruction and metallic paint matching, and they are highly recommended.The time of reckoning had come. Lil Porkie had no place to go …except…. Hommmmme !Mt Albert became, for some weeks, Mount Doom. The Eye of the Wrath of the Ring flamed hot and cold all at once. Storms gathered and broke hell on the earth. and the pestilence of the anger of She Who Must Be Obeyed reigned terror and threats of divorce upon the head of Porkies New Daddy.But that was OK, coz she finally got sore tonsils, and I got to keep the car. Icepacks helped the bruising.Then the work started… all of the aforementioned things and a whole lot of other stuff I can’t even think of. All new steel door skins, cross frames etc etc etc. Rebuilt the Webers, everything peripheral to the motor etc etc etc etc. Mark Cate at Sulphur Point Auto Repairs needs special mention, as does Stewart at AeroAutomotive at Airport Oaks. She’s now a pearl. Not a concourse car, but neither do I want one. She’s a road user/ roadburner in the true Porschaholic tradition, and it only produces enough CO2 to keep Greenpeace in business. Not a drop more.

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Model-   1966 912

Engine - 1720cc  4 cyl  rebuilt 2006

Colour - Red               Original Colour - Gulf Blue

Country of Origin - Boston , USA 

Options - Std

Modifications - Vintage Nardi steering wheel , sport seats , through grill spot’s , bumper fog’s

Status - Road car

Background Story - I have just purchased this in November 2009 , It is a three owner car last owned by a long time member of the 912 reg. The car was fully restored in 1996 and had a complete engine build in 2006. It currently has 133,000 original miles on the clock .

It was featured in the 2007 912reg calendar.

More details to follow once the car arrives in January 2010

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 Model: 1967 912

Engine: 1725 cc, uprated from 1600. approx 90-95 hp

Colour: Polo Red

Original Colour: Lido Gold (Special order colour - custard yellow!)

Options: 5 speed manual. Chromed steel 15 x 5.5 KPZ wheels with enamelled centre caps. Factory-fitted Blaupunkt radio and Hirschmann antenna.

Country of origin: Manteca, California. USA 

Modifications: Uprated engine, 1725 cc, gapless rings. Rebuilt May, 2012.

Status: Daily driver. 86,000 original miles.

Background: 3rd owner. Survivor, unmolested 912. Complete and original. When bought it was fitted with non-standard 6" Fuchs. Replaced with chromed KPZs, 185/65 Bridgestones. Finally running after more than 12 years waiting for engine rebuild started by original owner.

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