Listing Guidelines:

- No commercial postings allowed, unless you specifically clear it with us first.

- No illegal items allowed (items that are counterfeit, or are illegal copies such as PET).

- Listing and placing links to items on Trade me *is* allowed, providing that you specifically list a description of the item, and then give a link. No blind links.

- If you want to conduct an auction for your parts, please use Trade Me. An asking price is not required, but auctions are not allowed.

- The more text and photos you add, the more likely you are to sell. Add as many photos and as much text description as you need to adequately describe the parts.We will be happy to load them.

- Try to avoid using capital letters and explanation marks in the listing titles - these only serve to irritate people and thus they may skip over your listing.

- Indicate your geographic location, either in the post itself or by filling out the "location" field of your profile.

- Be sure to list your email address and/or contact phone number in the listing. Also indicate where the part is located and how shipping will be arranged if it can't be shipped in a box.

- When the item is sold, simply Advise us so we can Indicate that the item has indeed been sold.
Buyer's Guidelines:

- It is appropriate to respond to an ad by either emailing or Phoning
- Check out the seller before sending your $$$. Get full information, including multiple phone numbers and addresses.
- Most importanly, COMMUNICATE with each other. Ask the seller how long the item will take to ship, whether he will email you the tracking number, etc. All of this should be settled before money changes hands. Most buying and selling conflics arise because of poor communication. Get each others phone numbers and addresses!

Policy on Disputes:

Disputes will inevitably arise,  You should exhaust all other options -- phone calls, emails, etc. -- and have a little patience in allowing legitimate packing and shipping delays before Contacting Us. Complaints must be fact-based, non-hysterical, and not personally insulting or inflammatory.  hopefully we can convince the person to make the situation right.


Early 911nz provides this free classifieds listing service as a courtesy to our members. The listings here are  reviewed and edited by early 911 nz. Caveat emptor - buyer beware. We will not actively assist in mediating any complaints with respect to any trasactions resulting from the placement of a classified ad unless all other opitions are exhausted.