914-4 restoration

Posted by John Gausden on Tuesday, October 13, 2009
If you have been in the forum lately you will have seen that i purchased this car via trade me a couple of weeks ago. What we have is a 1974 914-4 stock ( the vin was in the LE range but alas this is not one )
Craig from giltraps has provided the following off the Porsche kardex;
model 914
year 1974
built 01/05/1974
colour light ivory B8V9
Del USA C02
options 567=windscreen tinted,compound glass, 570=additional seatcushion between seats

The engine with the car is the correct number and i am currently checking the gearbox. The car is but a rolling body and boxes and boxes of parts , which will cause issues because as i did not strip the car and catalog everything it will be a jigsaw to put back together .
The car was imported in to new zealand as a complete but not running car in 1996 , it was never reg. so the LHD issue will have to be dealt with, So as such the car has been in storage for 16 years and is in amazingly good condition with the sills being replaced by the last owner . So what am i going to do with it ? i am currently in discussions with ltnz over the LHD set up and if we get an exemption i will start to get the body ready for repaint . If i can't get an exemption then we will look at building it in to a historic racer for track only.
So pictures to follow .


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