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April 21, 2010
well the project has found a new home , i just don't have the time for this project to continue so rich will been rebuilding it in ardmore

914 fully in the buff

October 31, 2009
manged to get enough time today to finish the outside panels and all are in great shape bar the pass-side front fender were there is old damage that has been fixed . We will need to do some hammer and dolly work there so not to have to reply on bog.
Given time tomorrow i will strip the inside panels.
The best news is that unlike my 911 project there is NO rust !!! ya hoo

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914 - half in the buff

October 26, 2009

Managed a few hours on the body today , got both rear quaters and the targa bar stripped to bare metal . Nice to see a good solid car underneath with not rust and only a few prior dents that were filled.

So we will keep on this week as times allows but i should have the body done by next weekend and will start the interior sand back .

We will then get the front and rear suspension removed and mount on the rotisserie.

On another note my first child (964 Porsche that is ) was sold yesterday ...

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First set of photos

October 16, 2009
Here are the first set of photos of the 914 , these will give you a good over view of were the car is at and what work to be done .

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914-4 restoration

October 13, 2009
If you have been in the forum lately you will have seen that i purchased this car via trade me a couple of weeks ago. What we have is a 1974 914-4 stock ( the vin was in the LE range but alas this is not one )
Craig from giltraps has provided the following off the Porsche kardex;
model 914
year 1974
built 01/05/1974
colour light ivory B8V9
Del USA C02
options 567=windscreen tinted,compound glass, 570=additional seatcushion between seats

The engine with the car is the correct number and i am currently...
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