Rear end work

Posted by John Gausden on Saturday, September 12, 2009
Well we final got the replacement rear slam panel and the scuttle panel from the US , so work has begun with removal of the existing slam panel and fitting of the new . Then we have the fitting of the oil bucket and flap in the rear quarter which has to be switched in to place exactly as the factory would have done . Remember we could not get a 72 rear quarter so we are having to retro fit an existing one. and following the NLA parts we have the oil tank hinge that fits to the body and holds one end of the strap that hold the oil tank under the rear quarter. Again no longer available so i went to a friend at racing FX and we have had a replica built , he is also doing the oil breather pipes that go through the inner guard.( this were rusted through) so photos on line now to bring you up to speed.