Chassis work begins

Posted by John Gausden on Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Well the car is finally at carl's and into the chassis work, hopefully we'll have some photo's of the body work and what's lurking in the sill's .
As defined earlier we are using as many new panel's as possible so we will never have to replace something again.
So tally to date ;
inner and out sill's both sides , trunk repair panel, fuel tank support panel, side trunk support panel, front trunk panel with latch panel. full floor pan, rear cross member , aluminum door skins , angle plate wheel case both sides , jack receiver and tube both sides , rocker panel support both sides , front scuttle panel , pillar repair panel lhs ... makes you wonder if there's anything left , then we have the donor car metal , lhs inner rear quarter panel , luggage panel and rear set well bowls.
So at least 5 months work .