body clean up

Posted by John Gausden on Monday, May 17, 2010
Well managed to get some time in this weekend . First on the list was to get the RHS battery box off. This was to be drilling out the spot welds and dropping it out , but the top welds were impossible to get to so in the end we cut it off and ground out the left overs.
This box is not needed and we believe alot of ST's build had this done so to not inhibit the flow of air to the main oil cooler located in the RHS front guard.
This will be blanked off with a 0.8mm panel welded into place. 
More time was sent cleaning up the inner guards and panels , front scuttle and starting on the rear seats. Every inch of the car will be hand sanded and cleaned prior to a hot bath to neutralize any internal rust and 2 pot each primed . But for now there is alot of stripping / cleaning and fixing spot welds / pin holes . This will take 2-3 months and i'm off to Europe for lemans in 3 weeks