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RSR Classics

Posted by John Gausden on Sunday, May 17, 2009, In : RSR Classics 

RSR Classics based in Sydney is the Australian and New Zealand agent for RENNLINE, RENNSHIFT Performance Shifters, and Braid Fuchs Replica's.
I have arranged a group deal on parts purchused by members . So contact Craig via email or click on the banner for his website and use the code ; 911renn in your email for discounts on parts / shipping.
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Kiwi shipping

Posted by John Gausden on Saturday, May 16, 2009, In : Kiwi shipping 

I have for over the last year used kiwi shipping in Carson, Ca to ship goods to New Zealand out of the US. Matt can arrange a complete car to a single ebay purchuse .
If you have have many items from different suppliers they'll gather them together and hold them in there warehouse until you are ready to ship all as a combind shippment .

Email Matt on and advise in your email you are a member for hot member rates.
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FVD Florida

Posted by John Gausden on Saturday, May 16, 2009, In : FVD 

I have, by default, become a agent for FVD and Dansk for New Zealand . I am currently bringing in parts for my own cars and can source these at Dealer cost or below.
I am currently setting up a group deal were as you will be able to buy parts at dealer cost direct out of the USA.

In the mean time if i can help you with parts for your project let me know what you need and i'll see what price i can source them for.
Click on the fvd banner for there website.
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