Blink and you'll miss it

June 27, 2009
well if you blink you miss it !!! only two days after the last blog i called in to see carl and i glad i did . rear seat tub has been replaced and welded , sunroof gone and replacement panel welded in , floor 80 percent installed and you'll notice off the photos that we have cut away a rotten part in the inner guard were the fuel filler goes through , this will be replaced correctly with a patch but solid no hole . We are doing this as the car will have a off set hood filler and we don't want dirt / dust / water coming in through the area.
Carls details have been uploaded in the member area , so if you have work to be done give him a call.

flying through the work

June 26, 2009
Well carl has been flying through the panel work , as of today we have floors out , rear seat bowls removed and much more . as always we are using as many new panels as possible .
The donar car has given alot of the not availible parts and rather than patch we have used a lot of whole panels.
check out the work in the following gallery;
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Chassis work begins

June 3, 2009
Well the car is finally at carl's and into the chassis work, hopefully we'll have some photo's of the body work and what's lurking in the sill's .
As defined earlier we are using as many new panel's as possible so we will never have to replace something again.
So tally to date ;
inner and out sill's both sides , trunk repair panel, fuel tank support panel, side trunk support panel, front trunk panel with latch panel. full floor pan, rear cross member , aluminum door skins , angle plate wheel cas...
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rear quarter removal

May 22, 2009
During the body work it became clear that i would have to give in and remove the rear quarters , lucky i did , more rust to be found and in the end why do all the work i have planned just to have rust rear it's head later on . so both quarters are off and a donar car was found to use the donars rear quarters and other parts . Although most of the car will have brand new replacment panels it was not worth putting new rear quarters on just to cut 2/3rd's away with the addition of the ST flares....
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911T to ST - the start

May 21, 2009
Well here's the kick off for the restoration area of the website . In augest 2008 i purchused the car from a nth shore owner and the plan was to have it put back to standard BUT when we did the sandblasting of the body it soon became apparent that it just would not be worth building a concours T . So we made the plan to use the body to build a S/T and after some research decided to build the 1972 Kremer le mans car .
This also came around after a friend from the 911s reg has just built the sis...
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