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Back at home

Posted by John Gausden on Saturday, January 30, 2010,
Well i got the call "done all i can come and get it ..." so the body work is now 90% and carl is off to Aussie . so now the work is up to me.
The body is home and we start the clean up all of the welds , touch up the panel work and get it all connected to the rotisserie for final stripping of the last of the underseal / paint .It all looks like a bit of a Frankenstein but time on the body will sort all. So the following photos show the final mock up using std guards / hood and rear lid the doo...
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Posted by John Gausden on Monday, January 4, 2010,
we have to start thinking paint at this stage and i have a couple of shops lined up who are very keen to give it a go. The base color is light yellow , with baha red in the script , but the blue highlight is an unknown at this point . I need to research some more .
I managed to pick up a 1;18th model made by eagle race many years ago as a part guide and this is coming from england.So here's the color scheme.

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